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Staff training and development has been a constant feature of our work since the introduction of Higher Still when the company was founded.

We recognise the strategic importance of CPD in developing frameworks for learning and have accordingly developed a wide range of contexts for early years, primary and secondary school staff.

This page offers examples, all of which are adaptable to the needs of individual establishments or learning partnerships.


Replico is on the national register of CPD providers.

Details can be found in Education Scotland’s CPD Find.

Early Years 

These two units are best delivered as three 2-hour twilight sessions to accompany a series of workshops with children. They can also be delivered as stand alone units using our DVD Reaching Out to Reggio as reference.


Working with stories    

                                               Vocal technique and expression

                                               Physical interpretation and body language

                                               Creative opportunities and the Reggio Approach

Primary Schools

Curriculum for Excellence    

                                                Drama to aid literacy and numeracy

                                                Linking key aspects of the 3 - 5 framework

                                                Principles for curriculum design and the Reggio Approach

                                                Child at the Centre


Curriculum for Excellence


These units can be delivered as individual 2-hour twilight sessions, or combined as a series of seminars for in-service days.


Literacy across the curriculum

Drama and media script has proved to be a useful learning aid for pupils. It is an accessible and enjoyable format whereby pupils can read and write individually or as a team in familiar genres on virtually any subject. This unit explores the curricular possibilities of  documentary, travelogue, magazine feature, soap or even comedy spoof in a variety of subject areas.


Interdisciplinary learning

This unit explores topical links between curricular areas and identifies specific CfE experiences and outcomes. Our experience through Arts Across the Curriculum has yielded valuable insight into the potential scope for this approach in almost every subject area. (See Primary Schools).



Our publication Soapy Bubble contains soap-style scripts, lesson-plans, discussion points and other useful resources with respect to children’s rights and responsibilities.  It is now widely used to support exploration of numerous aspects of citizenship from bullying to the UN Convention.

This unit demonstrates the effective application of this resource.

Samples of this material can be found in Downloads.


Stage production

The benefits of taking part in school shows are specifically recognised in How Good is Our School.

Such activity has been cited as an example of the four capacities in action and is also a stipulation of CfE experiences and outcomes in expressive arts.

This unit unravels some of the mysteries of stage production and draws on many years experience from a variety of theatre professionals. Elements include directing, stage-management, props, set, lighting and costume design, front-of-house. marketing, publicity and health and safety.


Media production

With meteoric advances in digital technology, media now plays an increasingly significant role in a global society. This unit is a simple introduction to working with video and audio. It serves as a demonstration of the creative possibilities within CfE and promotes awareness of the potential for deception and manipulation.

Secondary Schools



Curriculum for Excellence


The strategies described above are equally relevant and adaptable to all stages of secondary education.


  1. Literacy across the curriculum

  2. Interdisciplinary learning

  3. Citizenship

  4. Stage production

  5. Media Production


Similarly, these can be delivered as individual 2-hour twilight sessions, combined as a series of seminars for in-service days or through any other framework as required.

We acknowledge the extent to which national qualifications take priority as pupils progress through stages and our CPD approach for secondary staff reflects this.


Examples of curricular contexts can be found in Secondary Schools.


English literature support

Bringing classical drama text to life can present a challenge to English teachers and can be a barrier to pupil’s appreciation of literature. This unit explores how hidden directions, textual and contextual clues are the key to visualising character, action and comic possibilities.

Shakespeare and Miller are constantly in our repertoire but we are happy to consider other authors.

(See English Literature Support).


Contemporary Scottish Theatre

This unit for drama departments explores specific links to CfE experiences and outcomes in social studies, literacy and English and R&ME using documentaries Playboys of the West and Feminine Agenda.


See Production Portfolio - Other Commissions.