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Education Scotland has commissioned Replico to develop an interactive online resource charting the nature of creativity and innovation through the ages. It is designed to support interdisciplinary learning and creative approaches in both the primary and the secondary sector across a range of disciplines.

The resource will guide learners and teachers on a visually stimulating journey exploring mankind’s greatest achievements while simultaneously offering a range of suggested activities and challenges for all CfE levels.

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The resource will include a series of Mind Maps and timelines from each era to include: Ancient Civilisation, Classical era, Medieval/Dark ages, the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, the Romantics, the Victorians and the Modern era. Two of these eras will be fully developed (Enlightenment and Modern era) as resources for pupil and teacher use. These two resources will be excellent examples and fully worked to show how each era can be developed by teaching staff and pupils for interdisciplinary work by using the timeline and Mind Map information as a stimulus to identify creative connections.

It is envisaged that this resource will excite and motivate learners through a series of visual images and information about each image and allow teachers to access information about potential student activities linked to the images, with clear connections to other subject areas. There will be tabs on the site to enable learners and practitioners to navigate their way through the resource to ensure that the pathway through the materials is clear. A combination of linear and non-linear representations will link significant events, discoveries and personalities to experiences and outcomes in all subject areas.

The visual impact of the navigational pathways will encourage and support a range of teaching and learning styles and direct the user to resources which explore the processes of creativity with respect to each context. The resource will promote the value of drama, storytelling, media and the expressive arts as the key to contextualising information and should be seen as scaffolding for creative learning.

Due for launch at Scottish Learning Festival 2013


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