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East Ayrshire Council Commissions

The Pennycross Ponies

Sept 09 – to date

Illustrated storybook for early to mid-primary. The story adopts the perspectives of three ponies who suffer neglect as result of alcohol abuse by their owner. The book is the focus of support materials for teachers of young children who may encounter similar problems with parents or carers.



Making the Links

Nov 10 – to date

CPD and classroom demonstrations using drama, media and other expressive arts skills to support interdisciplinary learning in the context of Curriculum for Excellence. Funded and managed by Creative Scotland / Children in Scotland.



Creative Identities

Jan 10 – to date

Media project targeting More Choices More Chances giving S1 – S4 pupils the opportunity to devise and star in their own movie.   Funded through Cashback for Communities.



Curriculum for Excellence Support        

Sep 09 – to date

A series of drama and media workshops based on Arts Across the Curriculum (see below) for 9 East Ayrshire primary schools using classical mythology as a platform to explore interdisciplinary links between Social Studies, Literacy and English and Expressive Arts.


Reaching Out to Reggio

Apr 06 - to date    

Child-centred activities exploring A Curriculum Framework for Children 3 to 5 using a combination of familiar texts and newly developed material as a stimulus. A series of workshops and CPD sessions led to the production of a DVD currently being used as an example of good practice in early years education.



Arts Across the Curriculum  

Apr 05 – to date

Scottish Executive (FLaT) commission facilitated by SAC in partnership with local authorities, piloting a range of arts interventions tackling areas of the curriculum less directly linked to arts disciplines (eg Science).



Local Heroes                                

Oct 07 – May 08    

SAC CCiSS commission to support A Curriculum for Excellence.  Drama / scriptwriting workshops exploring The Covenanters in secondary schools.



How Cool is Our School  

Oct 07 – May 08

Filming workshops to promote confidence and self-esteem among More Choices More Chances target group.



Saving Scudsworth                    

Jun – Sept 07

EAC Summer School in association with East Ayrshire Schools Drama Ensemble.  Short film comedy about a school trip that goes horribly wrong. Released on DVD.



A Time To Make Friends            

Feb – Apr 07

Active Schools commission for primary schools using drama and media skills to explore sectarianism in Scotland.

The Merchant of Venice                

Jun – Aug 06

EAC Summer School in association with East Ayrshire Schools Drama Ensemble.

Abridged version by Tom Stoppard courtesy of Shakespeare Schools Festival performed at the Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock.



Stage Production CPD                    

Apr – May 06

4 session course commissioned by James Hamilton Academy introducing teachers to the

practicalities of direction and design.The course was designed to support school productions of Joseph and Disco Inferno.



Citizenship and the Law                                                                                                                        

Mar 06

Loudoun learning partnership commission developing drama contexts from Strathclyde Police resources to tackle bullying in schools.



Curse of the Cyclops                                                                                                                              

Jul - Aug 05

EAC Summer School in association with East Ayrshire Schools Drama Ensemble. Comedy adaptation of episodes from the Odyssey performed at the Palace Theatre, Kilmarnock.



Minstrel in the Gallery                                                                                                                              

Mar 04 – Apr 06

SAC CCiSS Special Project Fund. Cross-cultural collaboration using local heritage as a stimulus for a variety of Drama and Media workshops plus the production of a CD Rom as a sustainable resource for 5-14 Expressive Arts.



Soapy Bubble                                                                                                                                            

May 02 – Jun 04

NOF commission for primary and secondary schools, using soap-style drama to explore rights and responsibilities under the UN Charter. Scripted material and lesson plans have now been developed as a sustainable resource for 5-14 Drama.



Planet Stardom                                                                                                                                          

July 03

EAC Summer School (NOF). Devised comedy performed at Palace Theatre with Mark Cox and Jane McCarry (Still Game).



Something for the Weekend                                                                                                                    

Jan – Mar 03

Drugs Awareness Project. Short films devised and performed by students in East Ayrshire schools exploring choices faced by young people.



The Art of Pantomime                                                                                                                              

Sept 01 –Apr 03

SAC LAPS Commission from EAC introducing primary and lower secondary students to Pantomime skills.