Curriculum for Excellence


Replico continues to develop and deliver a range of innovative strategies to meet the four capacities and support the experiences and outcomes in all CfE subject areas.


The highly successful delivery of Arts Across the Curriculum in East Ayrshire and other projects described here, clearly demonstrate our capacity to design exciting and effective approaches to interdisciplinary learning and highlight the proven strategic impact of our work.


Our operational flexibility and long-standing connections with creative links officers, cultural coordinators and head teachers has enabled us to respond swiftly and effectively to Curriculum for Excellence, How Good is Our School and key priorities such as attainment in literacy and numeracy.


Our approach reflects the underlying principles of challenge and enjoyment, breadth, progression, depth, personalisation and choice, coherence and relevance.

Workshops are tailored to meet individual

requirements, creating opportunities for pupils, staff and parents to develop skills in any aspect of theatre or media from simple storytelling to full-scale theatre or movie production while simultaneously exploring other areas of the curriculum.

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